Antalya - day eighth


Today is the second preparatory game of the team Napretka. Opponent is Vorskla Poltava, and the game is played on the terrain of Camelia Side Hotel.

Free afternoon we used for a talk with "newcomers" of Napredak.

How are the preparations going on and whether the fitting process in the team was difficult?

Stefan Nikolić:

"Preparations are running great, we are working hard, maximally seriously to be ready to begin the spring part of the championship. The guys were greatly accepted by me, as well as the expert staff."

Anes Rušević:

"Everything is great. We have small bugs with injuries, but thank God is nothing serious. The guys have accepted me very well and I thank them.

The trainings are excellent, the trainer and the expert staff are the best. We're getting a bit tired, but that's how it must. Preparations are. Just to continue this way ... "

Miroljub Kostic:

"Everything runs in the best order, the accommodation and the conditions for the training are ideal, and the teammates have accepted me very well." The expert staff works well and we are all trying to do everything Kosanovic wants us to do. "

Đuro Zec:

"Preparations run perfectly, we have excellent working conditions and everything is fine. Teammates have accepted me well. I know a couple of guys from before, so they helped me to fit into the team faster."

Miloš Ostojić:

"Everything is great and it works well, I'm personally in the stage of adapting. The team is excellent, the guys are great, and the matching was expressive, it did not take much time."

Milan Basrak:

"We work hard and hard, the conditions for the work are great, from the hotel to the ground and the gym, we played one game, two more are in front of us, I hope that we will be ready to wait for the continuation of the championship," the teammates are great, "the newcomers" accepted, and we are trying to fit into the team as much as possible. "