We opted for a good game

"We have no choice, we have chosen to continue the good games,"  began his address to journalists Napredak head coach Dragan Ivanovic, announcing the match of 13th round Suprer league where FC Napredak is away to FC Novi Pazar:

" To Novi Pazar we are going at a moment when they change coache and get the motivation and aggression. FC Novi Pazar showed that in Surdulica and against FC Radnicki Nis".

Only words of praise Dragan Ivanovic had to his colleague Zoran Govedarica, noting his ability to motivate players to win all three points, but also praise Novi Pazar audience that knows how to recognize good football:

"Napredak FC is psychologically stable. The important thing is that the team knows what it wants, at any moment all give the maximum engagement  on every part of the field. From week to week, managed to maintain that balance and not making a big oscillations in the game.
We made a good balance and opponents will not be done to make clear cut chances. Kiks happens , but not fatal, which could bring us to the mat position.From experienced players I expect the maximum concentration in Pazar in terms of tactical work. "

Experienced defender Bojan Miladinovic said that players do not feel the pressure because of the good results:
"We go from game to game and try to show the game that we were so far adorned. There is no pressure. The ambitions are entering the playoffs, but for the rest we will see.Team  FC Napredak is psychologically stable, and I hope good results. "

Many fans of the football club Napredak good results this season, attributed primarily to coach Dragan Ivanovic, but also the returns of players  to  parent club. Bratislav Punoševac is one of them:

"Everything is somehow coincided with good results. The atmosphere in the dressing room is fantastic and we go to Pazar to play football. From the fulfillment of tactical tasks that Coach is puting infront us will depend  the result. Napredak FC has shown that it can beat every team, and only from our game depending  the result of that will be realized in Novi Pazar.
There are no unsolvable and difficult tasks. I always believe in a good result. " 

The last line for this match will remain weakened for Frimpong, but it is uncertain  Lekovic participate because of problems with injury
Game FK Novi Pazar - FK Napredak playing on Saturday October 22 at 17:00 at the city stadium in Novi Pazar.