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In the section "About Us" can be briefly informed in the history of FK Napredak, and in this part of the site will try to present some of the most important and interesting events in the history of FK Napredak. The section will be amended over time.

stadion za dva meseca

Stadium for two months – Story of how in 1976 the stadium Mladost built in record time and that both workers and citizens of Kruševac working with the heart to enriched the "white beauty";

Memorial plaque - a year after stadium a memorial plaque was raised in honor of the fallen football players of Krusevac in National freedom fight

otkrivanje spomen ploče

30 godina kluba

Celebrations 30 and 60 years of the club - a witness of "six Straight decade";

'…that football is and remains upright human pleasure! ' - A witness of how FC Napredak gathered over 25,000 people every other week at their stadium. At the same time, interesting witnesses on marketing of 70s;

da fudbal ostane čestito zadovoljstvo

finale kupa

Then we played a Cup final ... – Story of the biggest club success on the national scene






Napredak F.C.

Stadium: Mladost
Telephone: +38137442016
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