Vukanovic: We are going to win


Napredak FC will, for the last time in this season, be played in Krusevac, on Sunday, May 13th, at 17: 00 h. Opponent is Cukaricki FC, the only team that Napredak has not defeated in this season:

"We have a very serious match. It's a team that has ambitions, as they are dropped from the Cup-and to choose a placement that can enable them to play in Europe. Regardless of the scoring situation in which we find us this is the same game as and all that we have played so far, and we do not make a difference here.

We have an obligation to ourselves, to play and to behave the way these guys behaved in the previous championship, which means excellent and we want to compete on Sunday to finish the championship in a nice way.

These are our wishes and ambitions and we are fully prepared to play another good game, "said  head coach, Milorad Kosanovic.

"We are going to win" was not a diplomat Aleksa Vukanovic in front of the gathered journalists, and continued:

"We want to show ourselves in the best light in front of the home crowd, to give our maximum and these three points stay with us. We have not beat them three matches and it's time to take those three points."

Tickets for the match Napredak-Cukaricki will be put up for sale on the day of the match, on Sunday, May 13th from 10:00 am, at the cash register of Mladost Stadium in Krusevac. Ticket prices are unchanged.